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 Feb. 18, 2017

Since many of you are connected to social media..Facebook etc., you have heard the official announcement come out of CDCR yesterday . Starting next week (the Dept. said “Monday”… but that is a holiday,…so Tuesday is reality.) February 21st, 2017…,the CC I’s counselors will begin accepting applications for (overnight) Family Visiting to determine which inmates can take advantage of them. It expends to both Lifers and LWOP. The restrictions on folks in those 2 categories will require the same criteria as is present in Title 15 Penal code.


The Memo states how it will be handled. (The Memo does not answer every question folks have.) Our understanding is the counselors will process the applications as they come in, without any priority to your length of marriage, family bond etc. IFC asked about access issues to Lifers being able to find and meet with counselors, time off or early release from work, expanding the units to re-purpose 2 of the units that are currently storage and an office. The answers ranged from “we can look into that” to “No, no plans to utilize those 2 units.”…and quite a few unanswered questions as the warden had just had the call from CDCR minutes before our IFC meeting.


It was reported to our IFC yesterday during this announcement that Solano currently can handle 14 visits a week, with 3 housing units on level #3…and 4 on Level #2.  They are running 2 nights/3 days for each visit, twice a week and admin. hopes to be able to increase to 21 visits a week. One week off, three weeks on. The week off is for maintenance and cleaning.


This will impact a large population at Solano prison, as w e have many Lifers. Everyone is anxious and been looking forward to the re-instatement. We are reminding the many spouses that have been awaiting their special alone time with their men…. that these visits are ‘FAMILY’ and moms/dads/siblings etc. will be joining the long list also!!!


Please be patient. The prison does not yet know how many inmates will be added to those already eligible and the calendar is already full for about the next 4-6 months with the previous FV bookings. If the prison evens added 300 more inmates to the list it would take a year or 2 to get them all just one visit!


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link to MEMO below

MEMO- Family Visiting CDCR



Information for getting married at C.S.P. Solano

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