Phone Calls From California Prisons

Phone calls from California prisons are always collect. At the present time, Global Tel Link (GTL, or now also called Offender Connect) has the contract with the state to provide this service. Contracts are subject to change.

You do NOT have to switch to GTL as your local telephone service provider to receive these calls. You can contact GTL to set up an account. Some families choose not to use GTL and have made arrangements through their local provider. This usually costs more.

Phone calls can be recieved on your CELL PHONE. Please contact GTL to set up. (http://www NULL.gtl NULL.shtml)

Internet contact: (http://www NULL.gtl

Customer Service Number: 1-800-231-0193
Apps available: (/documents/100618 JPay website (for desktop and laptop computers): www NULL.jpay

>”http://play NULL.brisk NULL.jpay“

FREE iPhone or iPad Application:
Inmate Collect Call Rates

How Does an Inmate Make a Call?

Each prison has its own way of handling phone calls. Many have sign-up sheets in the building. Some prisons limit the number of calls an inmate is able make each week or month due to the lack of phones available.

Once you have established your account, the calls should go smoothly. If you no longer wish to receive the calls, you can have a block placed on your phone by contacting the above number.

Each prison has specific phone hours when an inmate can call. The phones are turned on in the morning and off at night. Phones are usually turned off during lockdowns.

No inmate should be using a cell phone to make calls. Cell phones inside a prison are not permitted and are illegal.

Complaints Against GTL

The IFC has received numerous complaints from visitors about GTL. Unfortunately, there’s nothing the IFC can do. While we feel GTL HAS responded favorably more recently, with better customer service, the system is still expensive and further burdens families financially. The governmental organization which regulates GTL is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC was established by the Communications Act of 1934 and is charged with regulating interstate and international communications by radio, television, wire, satellite and cable. Any complaints about GTL should be directed to them. If you do have a complaint, you are strongly encouraged to first call GTL, then report it to the FCC. Below is the FCC complaint link:

FCC Complaint Link (http://esupport NULL.fcc NULL.htm)

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